Way back yonder in 2001, I was laid off from a Director of Creative Services position. After the nervous twitching subsided, I realized I had one or two freelance clients, so I figured I would have enough work to keep things going for a couple of months till I found my next job. Well, those 2 months turned into around 120...and counting.

I've been a "draw-er" all my life. As a kid I would draw weird little pictures of people and cars on packing boxes, craft paper, and on the inside covers of my Little Golden Books and Dr. Seuss stories. Pretty much any surface I could carve into with a crayon. I've become a bit more respectful of personal property over the years, depending on who you ask. My love for drawing was fed by the likes of Star Wars, Sid & Marty Krofft and Speed Racer (with a heaping side order of Mad Magazine). It continued into high school (Dunwoody HS Class of 1985), where I picked up interests in design, theatre and voice along the way. I started my college career as a Theatre major in Gainesville GA and ended it with a BFA in Graphic Design from UT Chattanooga in 1990.

In addition to the art, I also act and do voiceovers for radio, TV and multimedia. I've performed a wide variety of voices, from impersonations of Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paul Harvey... to the voice of a pesky baboon talent agent...to your everyday friendly Joe voice, singing the praises of premium mattresses, patty melts or lottery tickets. A number of my art clients have even hired me to record voiceovers for their Websites, CD-ROMs and company telephone systems. Give a listen: www.brianbascle.com

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